Cabri Java Project
CabriWeb application
With an aim of facilitating the creation of HTML files using the CabriJava applet, an application written in Java called CabriWeb is available. Before seeing how to use it under various systems, present its functionalities:
At launching of the application, a window is displayed and the user have to choose a CABRI file produced by the application CABRI geometry II or a HTML file by the menu "Open.." or by the menu keyboard shortcut <command>O or <ctrl> O. These files must reside beforehand on the local disc of the user or be downloaded from the Web site which you want to edit. In this last case, it is advised to place on its disc a copy of work of the site identical to the original. Thus the names and files will be the same ones locally and on the site and no illegal reference to a non-existent file should occur. For the same reasons, it is advised to use only alphanumeric characters in the file names or folders.
Frst, consider the case of working on a Cabri figure. If the figure is well recognized like a CABRI II figure, the CABRI figure opens through CabriWeb and is handled like the applet, with in addition the possibilities of displacement and redimensioning.

Two menus are proposed:


In case of working on a prerecorded HTML file, CabriWeb detects one or several CabriJava applets in the choosen file. If many CabriJava applets are called a dialog allows to choose one for editing parameters applet. When recording HTML file, all the text preceding and forwarding the choosen applet tag <APPLET...>...</APPLET> is stored; only the edited CabriJava applet tag is updated with new parameters. Take notice of the possibilty of writing in HTML file a placeholder tag like these

<APPLET CODE=CabriJava> </APPLET> or <APPLET CODE=CabriJava.class> </APPLET>

When reading such an empty applet tag, an empty window opens for the placeholder; then you have first to choose a Cabri figure to animate with CabriJava, afterwards you can edit its parameters..

How to download this beta version of the CabriWeb application ?
Several cases (even if Java is multiplatforms...) :
java -cp CabriWeb.jar CabriWeb
in the folder where this CabriWeb.jar archive was downloaded. You can also use the command file CabriWeb.bat containing the command line above placed in the same folder as CabriWeb.jar archive.A double clic on this command file will launch CabriWeb.
java -cp CabriWeb.jar CabriWeb
in the folder where this CabriWeb.jar archive was downloaded.
To resume download links :
CabriWebMac9.sea.hqx (~190 Kb) for MacOS with MRJ 2.2 or after
CabriWebMacX.dmg.gz (~230 Kb) for Mac OS X with Java 1.4.2 or after (~140 Kb) for Windows or Linux

Many comments or bug reports are appreciated : don't hesitate to send to us your remarks or wishes.

Cabri Java Project - version 1.1.0 - 10/18/2004