Cabri Java Project
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Be careful: CabriJava needs a Java 1.1 or better compliant browser like Internet Explorer 5/5.5/6 ou Netscape 6/7 on all plateforms.
Take a look at our Compatibility Page before testing CabriJava.

Some examples of CabriJava figures in Web pages :

Thanks to contributors which have constructed all these examples.

How you can construct your own examples with Cabri II software and CabriWeb ?

All these examples can be downloaded by the Web for local testing at (~400 Kb) for Windows or
CabriJava.sea.hqx (~420 Kb) for MacOS 9
CabriJava.dmg.gz (~540 Ko) for MacOS X 
You can choose only to download the latest version of CabriJava applet code (~140 Kb) for Windows or Mac OS X or
CabriJava.jar.sea.hqx (~160 Kb) for MacOS 9
A handbook can also be downloaded : (~280 Ko) or
handbook.sea.hqx (~350 Ko)

Cabri-Java Project - version 1.1.0 - 18/10/2004